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ברוכים הבאים – Baruchim habaim – Welcome! My name is T’helah, and I’m the founder and operator of The Kefar.

The Kefar offers a variety of educational services and materials that emphasize Hebrew language and Torah learning.
Along with our Charlotte, NC-based Hebrew preschool program, The Kefar collective also includes a publishing company, Hebrew language lessons, tutoring program, and more!


for books, posters, and activities in Hebrew & English


free worksheets and printables in Hebrew & English


Hebrew easily within the comfort of your own home


blog posts full of ideas, information & teacher tips

The Full Story:

It all started back in May 2012, when I founded Kefar Publishing Co. to address the lack of Brown-skinned characters in children’s Bible stories, particularly stories from the Tanach (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible). Since then, I’ve written and/or published several books and posters, and created scores of printable activity sheets (word searches, crossword puzzles, quizzes, et al).

A few years later, at the suggestion of my (now) husband, I decided to take my love of Hebrew and curriculum design to a new level, and start an immersive Hebrew language preschool program. Baruch Hashem, with the help of wonderfully generous supporters, Gan Maqom Shalom accepted its first class of students in July 2014. Students continue to make tremendous strides in all areas, but most impressively in their language and literacy development; you can watch a short video highlight of our first year here.

In October 2015, I drew on prior tutoring experiences (specifically college writing and HS & MS math) to begin Kefar Tutoring, offering after school tutoring, academic enrichment, Hebrew lessons, and professional writing and editing services.

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These programs and services collectively make up The Kefar, and it is my mission b’ezrat Hashem to continue to provide effective, enriching, and enjoyable Torah-based and Hebrew language educational tools for my community. If you’re interested in helping with this mission, or if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please reach out to me! You can message me here, or on LinkedIn.

תיהנו – Teihanu – Enjoy, and thank you for visiting!