About The Kefar

In 2012, I founded Kefar Publishing Co. to address the lack of historically accurate Israelite figures in Tanach stories for children. It was almost impossible to find Torah-based children’s books with Brown-skinned characters, and so I began writing my own! I quickly expanded beyond children’s books, creating Torah quizzes, Alef Bet coloring pages, and other printables that I offered (and still offer) for free.

After a few years of writing and creating Hebrew and Torah-based materials, I moved from my Brooklyn hometown to Charlotte, NC, to open an immersive Hebrew language early learning program. Baruch Hashem, with the help of wonderfully generous supportersGan Maqom Shalom accepted its first class of students in July 2014. I designed the curriculum and taught the program full-time for three wonderful years; students graduated with a well-rounded academic and Torah education, fully bilingual in both Hebrew and English. You can watch a short video highlight of our first year on my YouTube channel.

While running the Hebrew program, I also began teaching private Hebrew classes and small group courses to youth and adult learners. In April 2016, Kefar Publishing became The Kefar, to reflect the shift from just publishing materials to offering a variety of educational services. The rest, as they say, is history!

More about me: I grew up in a large Torah-observant, Hebrew speaking household that laid the foundation for who I am today. I have a B.A. in African & African-American Studies (minor in Early Childhood & Childhood Education), and an M.A. in Early Childhood Services. I love learning and teaching Hebrew, traveling internationally, math (especially algebra), baking, and eating pizza, donuts, and fried chicken (in no particular order). You can read my professional bio on LinkedIn or follow me on Facebook!

Credits: All photographs of me were taken by superstar photographer Shahnee Naftali of Shahnee Naftali PhotographyThe Kefar logo was designed by the multitalented Mensah Fox; contact me if you’d like to get in touch with him.

The Kefar provides educational products and services with an emphasis on Hebrew and Torah learning. Browse the site or contact me to find out how The Kefar can meet your needs!