Curriculum & Lesson Plans

I design curriculum and create lesson plans for homeschoolers, teachers, and educational & nonprofit organizations. I specialize in the following areas: Hebrew as a foreign language; English as a foreign language; TorahIsraelite history & culture; and early childhood education (preK-grade 3).
“I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work on the Foundations level. Your lesson plans are fantastic!…You are incredible, and I so appreciate your expertise and AMAZING work.” J.G., Curriculum Manager

EFL curriculum creation

The process begins with you telling me what your needs are, being as specific as possible. For example:

  • Do you want to incorporate Hebrew Circle Time twice a week into your homeschool schedule?
  • Do you need a curriculum for your year-long Shabbat class of 12 students ages 10-14?
  • Do you want a unit on community helpers for your 3s and 4s preschool class that also teaches them the essential vocabulary in Hebrew?
  • Do you need to teach English reading to 3rd graders who speak another language and don’t know their ABCs?

Once you describe what it is that you’re looking for – whether it’s a simple overview or a full curriculum – we can discuss all the details, including deadlines and pricing.

We will discuss pricing based on your needs, your budget, and your timeline; depending on your total costs, payment plans may be available.
I have been designing curriculum and lesson plans for over three years, and I am a lead Curriculum Designer of a well-respected education nonprofit based in Israel. I have an M.S. in Early Childhood Services, which included coursework in assessments and curriculum design, and I’ve taken a few graduate instructional design courses as well.  My experience as a teacher also strengthens my lesson planning skills, since I approach designing from a practical point of view.
Please fill out this form and describe what your curriculum/lesson planning needs are, and be as specific as you can. It’s okay if you’re unclear about some things – we can talk through options together and figure out exactly what it is you need. I will respond to you within 2 business days. Thank you for considering The Kefar!

What’s the difference between curriculum plans and lesson plans?
The short answer is that curriculum plans provide the end goals for our learners, whereas lesson plans outline the instruction and activities implemented each day to achieve those set end goals. Read more below about the distinction between the two.

  • Curriculum plans are big-picture learning plans that answer the 5Ws: who are the learners (age, grade, ability), what do they need to learn (content) and why (purpose/application), where will the learning take place, and when the learning will take place. Curriculum plans also include methods of assessment, in order to determine if students are meeting the desired objectives.
  • Lesson plans answer the how – how will we help learners meet the overall objectives outlined in the curriculum? Lesson plans break down, day by day, how the learning will take place – how students will be engaged, what materials we will use, how much time we will spend on various activities, etc. They also include short-term objectives, directives for the teacher, assessments, and more.

Curriculum may cover several units, or may focus on one unit; each unit is then broken down into individual lesson plans. A complete curriculum includes both the curriculum plan (the overall goals), unit plans (if necessary), and lesson plans (the roadmap to achieving those goals).

The Kefar provides educational products and services with an emphasis on Hebrew and Torah learning. Browse the site or contact me to find out how The Kefar can meet your needs!