Shalom everyone!

My third Hebrew study guide has been revised, and is available for you to download. The Kefar’s Hebrew Colors Study Guide teaches colors in their masculine and feminine forms.

This two page Hebrew Colors Study Guide pairs well with my YouTube lesson on colors in Hebrew, and includes some bonus colors too! Both masculine and feminine colors in Hebrew are provided. If you need a transliterated version, get yours for only 99 cents!

As with the Hebrew Numbers and Hebrew Adjectives study guides, you can use this Hebrew Colors Study Guide to learn Hebrew independently. You can also use it as a written review of my Hebrew colors videoYou can print it to have on hand as a handy cheat sheet, or use it as a reference tool to teach your own Hebrew students.

If you don’t read Hebrew yet, no need to miss out! You can get the transliterated version for under a dollar (and there are also transliterated Hebrew Numbers and Hebrew Adjectives study guides).

Happy Hebrew teaching & learning 💙