I offer a number of products for learning the Hebrew alphabet, from the super simple but effective Hebrew Learning Center Starter Set to the materials-filled I Know My Alef Bet! Activity Packet, but I didn’t have anything that progressed to the next level of literacy – until now!

Introducing my new Hebrew Phonics Fun – Segol packet, which teaches Hebrew reading with the short “e” vowel sound, along with vocabulary and Hebrew handwriting (script)!

There are over 50 pages in the Hebrew Phonics Fun – Segol Hebrew reading packet, and not only did I design all of them, but I have used these activities to teach my own students how to read, and they work! There are flash cards, handwriting practice sheets, word puzzles, cut & paste activities, and so much more.

Outside of knowing Hebrew letters and their sounds, you don’t need any other Hebrew knowledge to use the Hebrew Phonics Fun – Segol Hebrew reading packet. It comes with a Hebrew index that has all the Hebrew words, their translations and transliterations, plus an extra pronunciation guide. There’s also a complete educator’s guide that explains, in detail, all the different activities you can do, and games you can play, that will have your students reading Hebrew, writing Hebrew, and knowing Hebrew words in no time!

At only $13, this Hebrew Phonics Fun – Segol Hebrew reading & writing packet is a STEAL! I’m already working on versions for the other vowels, so stay tuned!

Peace & blessings,