I created this planner last summer, as part of my preparation to leave for Israel for a year. My existing planner went up to Nov 2017, and while I liked it, I wasn’t thrilled about the $50+ price tag. It was also missing some features that I really wanted, and after researching lots of options, I decided why not be creative (and cheap) and make my own?! The resulting planner is exactly what I needed: an organized way for me to plan my business strategy and projects, by breaking things down into clear, achievable steps.

Planning With Purpose is an undated planner that you can print at home, or inexpensively at a print shop. I keep my pages in a regular 3-ring binder with a clear front cover pocket to display the cover page, but you can spiral or comb bind yours. Since the planner is undated, you can start using it anytime, without wasting pages.

I struggle with being very self-critical, and I designed these daily pages to help me move away from that, and into a more positive mindset. There is space to write something you’re grateful for every day, as well as room to reflect on positive things that happen each day. I fill out the gratitude section every morning, and the reflections at the end of every day. I also read aliyot from the parashat hashavua every day, so I included a “reading” line to write down what chapters/verses to read each day.

There are separate sections for priority tasks, other tasks, appointments and notes, self care, and a water tracker that uses wine glasses, because why not?

The Planning With Purpose weekly pages have what I can an “accountability tracker,” which is basically a place to list daily habits you want to form (i.e. working out, studying Hebrew, writing in your journal). At the top there’s space for the parashat hashavua (weekly Torah portion), and of course the days of the week are written in Hebrish, because again…why not?

There’s also room to list three weekly goals: one personal, one professional, and one business. For instance, a personal goal can be reaching out to three people I haven’t heard from in several weeks, just to say hi and catch up; a professional goal could be to attend a webinar on a topic in my field; and a business goal could be to list 20 potential topics for YouTube videos. There’s another section for planning your social media strategy for the week.

I have 50leven ideas swirling in my head at once, so project planning is VERY important to me. It helps me narrow down exactly what I’m going to focus on, and why, and the steps I need to take to execute the project successfully. Planning With Purpose monthly pages are useful tools for taking ideas from inception to execution.

The Planning With Purpose undated planner also includes a 2018 calendar, a monthly calendar, additional monthly and weekly project planning pages, and notes pages.

This isn’t the most inclusive planner – no menu planning pages, grocery checklists, chore charts, or teacher tools – but it’s exactly what I need to focus on what’s most important for my personal, professional, and business growth. I hope it will be just as useful to you as it is to me!

Planning With Purpose is FREE until 1/10/18 for members of The Kefar, so get yours today! Since it’s a digital download, you can print just the sections you want, whenever you want.

Cheers to a future of planning with purpose! 🍷