Over this past week I’ve begun s l o w l y learning the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), to begin understanding some of the more scholarly works on Semitic languages; reading about fricative this and alveolar that makes my head spin, but in true nerd fashion I am enjoying the process! I love to learn, and I’m really fascinated by Hebrew, so much so that I’ve been seriously contemplating getting another degree in Hebrew language/linguistics. This Ultimate List of Academic Hebrew Programs was born from the research that I’ve been doing in trying to find a Hebrew language program that will fit my various needs.

This Ultimate List of Academic Hebrew Programs includes mainly undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Hebrew. The focus here is Hebrew language/linguistics, so I included programs that offer Hebrew as a concentration within a major, or Hebrew as a major alongside another subject. I did not include colleges and universities that offer Hebrew courses, without a major or concentration option. (Lots of colleges offer Hebrew classes, but a Hebrew major is an entirely different thing.) The Ultimate List of Academic Hebrew Programs does also feature some non-degree summer programs at educational institutions.

Each listing has the name of the university; a direct link to its Hebrew language program; the program’s duration and cost; the type of degree that is granted upon completion of the program (if any); the program’s location; and a brief summary lifted from the website. You can search by any of the fields above, to narrow in on what you’re looking for.

I’m still looking for programs for myself, so expect this list to grow (just like my Ultimate List of Hebrew Language Resources for Teaching & Learning) – check back regularly! If you know of a college/university that offers a Hebrew language undergraduate or graduate degree, or certificate program, please let me know. Special thanks to Dashia J. and Andrea P. for letting me know about Duke University and Queens College, respectively – and thank you to everyone who responded to my Facebook calls for suggestions. Keep them coming!

💙 T’helah