Remember when I said that I once again rearranged the classroom? Here’s a snapshot of how it looks – what do you think? So far it seems to be working out well, and I’m working on a post/video combo showing and explaining the classroom setup in detail.

My little scholars have also been very busy this week! The Bigs are in their second week of learning all about Haiti, and my Littles spent this week doing ice cream-related activities to master the letter Gimel, like building play dough ice cream sundaes and writing in rainbow rice. Also don’t forget to check out my kindergardeners talking about what they’ve learned this week on my YouTube channel!

Math this week focused on money: the Bigs learned the value of a penny and nickel; completed a Venn Diagram comparing the two; used a hundreds board to create $1 with each coin; and completed addition worksheets from Math Salamanders for each.

They also worked together to make a Haitian food and drink: pain patate, a sweet potato pudding, and kremas, an incredibly popular milk-based rum drink, which of course we made without the rum.

The boys painted and assembled wooden cars to resemble the colorful painted “tap tap” buses common on the streets of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

We also learned a few Kreyol phrases and hand gestures, sang the Kreyol alphabet eleventy times, and listened to some Haitian music, all courtesy of YouTube. At the end of the month I’ll post a week to week breakdown of what we did, and the resources we used, like I did after our Morocco country study.

My Littles have mastered the letter Gimel, and got lots of review with the other letters we’ve learned so far, with this week’s ice cream theme. Typically we have book themes, but one of the things I love about what I do is that I can switch things up whenever I want and try something new – and they all loved it!

We played Spot & Dot with bingo chips and this ice cream printable from Totschooling.

We also made and used puffy paint using glue, flour, and shaving cream…it was pretty cool! (The Gimel coloring sheets on the wall are available for free from The Learning Center.)

We also used the rainbow rice for literacy activities – recognizing & writing letters.

Click HERE for a 5-minute scented play dough recipe.

Click HERE to learn how to make 3-ingredient rainbow rice.

We also played an ice cream cone matching game; download your ALEF BET ICE CREAM CARDS HERE.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@thekefar) to see other great photos of learning taking place. If you have any questions or comments about our week or the week to come, let me know in the comments below!

Shabbat shalom!

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